Welcome to our gun club!

Rules and Regulations

Safety is always the highest priority on any of our ranges! Here are a few guidelines to help your visit at Hunters’ Pointe to be as enjoyable as possible.


  • Everyone must sign in at clubhouse before entering any range
  • Guns must be unloaded with breach open except when in shooting station. Before leaving the stand the shooter shall check to make sure the gun is empty and the action is open.
  • Sporting clays ammo must be shot sizes 7.5, 8 or 9 (target load)
  • Never load gun until in the stand with gun pointed down range.
  • Minors (anyone 17 years old or younger) are welcome here at Hunters’ Pointe, however, they must always be under close supervision by a responsible adult.
  • No one will be allowed to operate ATVs, carts or any other motorized vehicle without a valid driver’s license. All ATV, carts or motorized vehicle traffic is restricted to parking lot and course paths only.
  • Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages will not be allowed on shooting ranges.
  • DO NOT SHOOT at any live bird or other animal while on the course or in any fields.
  • Anyone not following rules may be asked to leave the range based on management decision.

Thank you

Hunters’ Point Management Team

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We offer Individual, Family and Corporate Memberships



We host signature tournaments such as East Coast Championships and Larry Corbett FITASC Classic

Event Hosting

We can host family and corporate events.

Excellent Facility

We offer a pro shop, pro instructors, and many options for shooting clays.

Beautiful Scenery

We are tucked in off the road and have about 50 acres of gorgeous serene views.